The challenge

Your core thinking skills will make or break you

The landscape for jobs has dramatically changed. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and other technologies, are replacing many middle management jobs. This shift could have a major impact on the workforce in the years to come.

While AI will replace many jobs, it is also creating new opportunities. Jobs that involve key thinking skills are becoming more important than ever. Hence, there are major opportunities for those willing to develop these skills.

According to the 'Future of Jobs Report' from the World Economic Forum, the three most important skills are: problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. But how do we fare in these core skills?

The solution

Mental Literacy

Standard literacy is an understanding of the knowledge of the alphabet and how to expand it into words and eventually sentences, paragraphs and books. 

Mental literacy is the king of literacies. It is an understanding and full deployment of the alphabet of the brain's behavioral skills, especially memory, creativity, learning, and core thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

We need to use our brain in the way it was supposed to be used and developed: in the natural way. As the worldwide leaders in Global Mental Literacy and inventors of Mind Mapping, we offer prime meta-tools (tools of tools) that develop your brain and core thinking skills in the natural way.

Prime meta-tools

Two learning pathways

  • Become a certified practitioner

    You’ll learn Mind Mapping and their main applications to increase your thinking skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity, which are the three most important competencies for the leader according to the study made by the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report.

  • Become a certified trainer

    You’ll be able to train / mentor / advice other people and organizations and accredit them as Buzan certified practitioners. You’ll learn Mind Mapping at an advanced level as well as its key applications. You’ll also de guided and mentored into becoming a world class trainer.

From Knowing to Doing to Being

The learning journey for you and your customers

  • Know and understand Mind Mapping and its key applications such as project management, problem solving and creativity.

  • Practice Mind Mapping and its applications through our learning-how-to-learn process and build the habits for becoming mentally literate.

  • Transform into a thought leader who has world-class thinking skills such as problem, solving, creativity and critical thinking.

Customer testimonials

““Very honestly: Loved every minute of this experience – feeling like I became a member of a family that I was looking for ages!””

““Thanks for a fantastic class! Usually when I attend a seminar or a class, my expectation is to walk away with 3 key ‘take-aways’. Your TLI course provided me so much more – well worth the investment of both time and money.””

““I feel I can apply this immediately and it will have a meaningful impact.””

Our key customers and alliances

  • The World Bank
  • Disney
  • World Memory Championships
  • Tec de Monterrey
  • Universidad Politécnica de Tapachula