Your Learning Journey

  • Knowing

    You'll learn Memory and its underlying principles through our online learning management platform, guided by a Buzan GrandMaster trainer who will provide one-on-one feedback

  • Doing

    Through six live online sessions (2 hours each) you'll learn and practice how to deliver training and advise on Memory improvement processes and methodologies, guided by a Buzan GrandMaster trainer.

  • Being

    You'll become a global Buzan Trainer In Memory by entrenching best-in-class habits and content delivery knowledge into your competencies toolbox for a lifetime. You'll be guided by our faculty of world-renowned experts

TBLI in Memory online certification phases

Your certification process has three phases: Before, during and after. At the end of the second phase (during), you'll be certified as a Senior or Master licensed instructor in Memory. Throughout the third phase, our world-renowned faculty of experts will guide and mentor you for becoming a World-Class Buzan instructor in Memory.

Become a Senior or Master Memory Trainer

The licensed trainer program will accredit you to teach powerful memory processes for building an intelligent memory in each of your participants.

Course curriculum

    1. Your certification process for attaining your certification as a licensed trainer in Memory

    1. Live Session 1.1: What is Memory, why it's important and what is the memory performance on average

    2. Memory: the most important function in your brain

    1. Intro to the chapter

    2. Live session 1 .2: MIG 1 and MIG 2

    3. The most important graph in the World

    4. The Mind Map laws

    5. Assignment: Creating a Mind Map from the attached video

    1. How to craft presentations using the MIG-1 principles

    2. Presentations 3.0 framework

    1. Intro to taking notes for maximizing recall

    2. The note-taking method using Mind Maps for maximizing recall

    3. Live session 2.1 - MIG-1 and MIG-2 formulas and Intelligent Memory

    1. Live session 2.2 - TEFCAS and skill acquisition

    2. Naive vs deliberate practice

    3. How procedural memory could jointly work with working memory?

    4. Assignment: Mind Map on how you're planning to teach memory

    5. Live session 3 - Part 1: Working Memory and Skill Acquisition

    6. How Mind Maps propel Working Memory

About this course

  • $3,450.00
  • 35 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

Our key customers and alliances

  • The World Bank
  • Disney
  • CocaCola Company
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Buzan Licensed trainer certification investment

What does the program include?

  • Access to our LMS platform for learning Memory processes and techniques for building an intelligent memory that allows students to excel in creativity and problem-solving.

  • Six live sessions (12 hours) with Grandmaster trainer - Sessions are recorded and posted on the LMS platform for further review

  • Access to trainers's membership platform, in the memory field, upon graduation

  • Upgrading of trainer's curriculum reflecting the new specialization in memory and level (senior or master trainer)in and

  • Certification as a Senior or Master Trainer and corresponding diploma

  • Participation as online tutor in Memory (by designation and subject to availability) in TBG programs

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is this accreditation valid?

    The Buzan licensed certification as a trainer in Memory has global validity so you could teach Memory practitioner courses around the world.

  • What do I need for certifying customers as accredited practitioners?

    You’ll have access to the training content so you could deliver your courses using PowerPoint presentations and related materials. Moreover, the package for certifying customers as accredited practitioners includes a personalized certificate and optionally the iMindMap Ultimate software (version 11). The certification package costs $50.00 and has to be purchased in bundles of 10 units. If you want to include the software, the package costs $100.00. This is an attractive option since the price of the software alone amounts to $230 dollars per license.

  • What could I do with my accreditation?

    The instructor certification allows you to deliver in-person Memory courses to external or internal customers and accredit participants as certified practitioners. Additionally, you could also provide consulting services accredited by the Tony Buzan Group.

  • Will I be supported in lead generation?

    We have different mechanisms for supporting your lead generation efforts: You'll be listed, as a senior or master trainer, with your CV and location on the Tony Buzan website so users can find you and get in contact for training. You'll also have the ability to put your schedule of training courses on the Tony Buzan website with links to your website or sales page. Likewise, we'll provide referrals to instructors based on queries that come to the company. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to place articles and even advertisements on the TB website to attract business.

  • How could I participate in Buzan-led projects?

    Buzan US and TBG need trainers, tutors, and consultants for their projects—mainly tutoring for online courses and consulting services. Therefore, based on geography, specialization and the instructors' internal rating system (based on customer feedback) we’ll assign projects to you and your peers.

  • What is the internal rating system and how does it work?

    Each accredited course given by you will provide an electronic feedback form (link) for customers to fill out at the end of the training. This system will not be published and/or shared with any other party aside from the instructor. The system will allow us to identify quality gaps and support instructors in improving their course delivery. Our objective is for you to become a world-class instructor who enables our vision: Creating a Mentally Literate World.