Your Learning Journey

  • Knowing

    You'll learn Mind Maps and their key applications at an advanced level through our online learning management platform, guided by Buzan experts who will provide one-on-one feedback.

  • Doing

    Through a series of exercises and assignments, you'll practice how to apply Mind Mapping for taking notes, mapping books, creativity, planning, and project management, guided by Buzan experts.

  • Being

    You'll become a global Buzan Advanced Practitioner by acquiring best-in-class skills and turning them into habits for a lifetime. You'll be guided by our faculty of world-renowned experts

Certification Process

You could take the certification in one month if you invest an average of 3 hours per week. You have up to one year to complete your certification.

Become a world-class Buzan Mind Mapper

By attaining the advanced level, you´ll reach the full benefits of Mind Mapping such as increasing your creativity by 300% and your critical thinking and problem solving by 200%.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Tony Buzan practitioner certification

    2. Your certification process

    1. The Revolutions of the Mind

    2. What enabled the age in which we are living today?

    3. The critical thinking skills for 2021 and beyond

    4. What percentage of people use divergent creativity?

    5. How the world fares in creativity skills?

    6. What is Natural? Mental Literacy 101

    7. The Jennifer Anniston neuron

    8. What is your conclusion after watching the Jennifer Anniston video?

    9. The Jennifer Anniston Neuron - conclusion

    10. What is your prime language?

    11. Your prime language

    1. So, what's a Mind Map?

    2. What's a Mind Map? Assignment explanation

    3. What 's a Mind Map? First perspective

    4. Tony Buzan Video 1: Reflect on his Mind Map definition

    5. What's a Mind Map? Second perspective

    6. Tony Buzan Video 2: Reflect on his Mind Map definition

    7. What's a Mind Map? Third perspective

    8. Tony Buzan Video 3: Reflect on his Mind Map definition

    9. What's a Mind Map? Fourth perspective

    10. Tony Buzan Video 4: Reflect on his Mind Map definition

    11. Assignment: Mind Map of what is a Mind Map

    12. Mind Mapping benefits

    13. Research supporting the benefits of Mind Mapping

    14. The most important Mind Mapping benefits for you

    15. Mind Maps explained by their creator

    16. Assignment: your vision as an advanced practitioner

    17. Why did Tony Buzan invent Mind Maps?

    1. Intro to the Mind Map Laws

    2. Download the Mind Map laws

    3. The Central Topic law

    4. The Branches law

    5. The Keywords law

    6. One word per branch quiz

    7. The Colors law

    8. The Images law

    9. The Structure law

    10. Assignment: Your CV on a Mind Map

    1. Mind Maps evaluation - Introduction

    2. Rubric for scoring Mind Maps

    3. Example: Evaluating a Mind Map with the rubric

    4. Assignment: Evaluate the following Mind Map

    5. Assignment: Your dream routine

    1. Introduction to Mind Mapping applications

About this course

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  • 66 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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  • Disney
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Buzan Advanced Practitioner Certification investment

What does the program include?

  • Access (7x24) to our LMS platform for learning the Mind Mapping methodologies and applications.

  • One-on-one feedback provided by Buzan experts on the use of Mind Mapping and its key applications.

  • Certification as Advanced Practitioner and corresponding diploma with QR code.

  • Our award-winning Personal Strategic Alignment bootcamp

  • Enrollment in the community of advanced practitioners for sharing best practices, cross fertilizing and building new relationships with other thought leaders.

  • Access to free webclasses on power applications of Mind Mapping such as creating attractive web pages and writing books.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I become certified?

    You need to submit the assignments for each chapter. You'll receive personalized feedback from your tutor (a Buzan expert) on your way to mastering Mind Mapping and its key applications.

  • How long does it take to get certified?

    If you invest 3 hours per week (on average) you'll be able to complete the certification in one month. You'll have up to one year for completing the certification and getting personalized feedback.

  • What does the "Personal Strategic Alignment" bootcamp include?

    During our award-winning workshop you'll create your purpose, goals, strategies, and action plans for 2022 and beyond, guided by the world's number one expert in Mind Mapping, during four live online sessions (1.5 hours each).

  • Where is this certification valid?

    The Advanced Practitioner certification in Mind Mapping has global validity and is taught and granted by the inventors of this methodology.

  • What are the benefits of this certification?

    The advanced certification allows you to fully reap the benefits of Mind Mapping and its key applications such as a 300% increase in creativity fluency and a 200% increase in critical thinking and problem solving according to various scientific studies.

  • How could I become a certified instructor?

    You'll have twelve months after you complete this certification for redeeming 100% of your investment when taking the Buzan Licensed Instructor certification.