What does the certification include?

Become a World Class Reader

Our award-winning certification program enables you to read faster, understand better, retain and recall for a lifetime, and apply the acquired knowledge when you need it.

Course curriculum

    1. Your certification process as advanced practitioner in Intelligent Reading

    1. Assessing your reading speed and comprehension

    2. Your baseline reading

    3. Comprehension assessment

    1. What's a Mind Map?

    2. Intro to the Mind Map Laws

    3. The Central Topic law

    4. The Branches law

    5. The Keywords law

    6. One word per branch quiz

    7. The Colors law

    8. The Images law

    9. The Structure law

    1. Session 1 - part 1 video

    2. Session 1 - Part 2 video

    3. Do this experiment

    1. Reading 2 instructions

    2. Reading 2 - Animal Intelligence

    3. Reading 2 - Comprehension assessment

    4. Key Reading Indicators spreadsheet

    1. Session 2 - part 1 video

    2. Session 2 - part 2 video

    3. Metronome apps

    4. Metronome pacing exercises

About this course

  • $749.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Enrollment expires in:

  • 00 Days
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  • 00 Seconds

Advanced Certification in Intelligent Reading

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Frequently asked questions

  • Where is this certification valid?

    The Buzan advanced certification in intelligent reading has global validity and you'll become part of the database of Buzan certified practitioners.

  • What are the main benefits of this certification?

    Improving your reading skills is one of the most important assets you could have. According to several studies, reading well correlates with more income, less stress, enhanced creativity, and improved critical thinking.

  • What if I cannot attend the live sessions?

    No problem at all since you could watch as many times as you want the recordings of each session for 1 year. You'll also be able to complete the readings and comprehension assessments, which will allow you to continuously improve and become a world-class reader.

  • How could I access the Book Creation workshop?

    You'll be enrolled in the book creation workshop and will have the course content and sessions available at your Buzan Academy homepage.

  • What if I want to become a licensed trainer in intelligent reading?

    The good news is that you could fully deduct what you paid for your practitioner certification, when enrolling for the licensed instructor certification, if you enroll within 12 months of completing your practitioner certification.