The new TBLI

Value Proposition

Tony Buzan International has revamped its instructor certification in Mind Mapping providing candidates with an expanded scope for generating an attractive return on investment. The following Mind Map depicts the expanded value proposition:

  1. The TBLI is accredited to deliver Mind Mapping (MM) courses, based on the material provided by Buzan, both live online or in-person sessions, either for the company they work for, or for external customers. The TBLI could specialize in other bodies of knowledge, such as Intelligent Reading (IR), Intelligent Memory (IM), and Applied Creativity (ACR).
  2. An excellent source of income is the tutoring of online Advanced Practitioner Certifications, whereby the Tony Buzan Organization pays a fee of $120 USD (subject to change) for each participant that the TBLI tutors, by providing feedback, via email, of their assignments
  3. The TBLI is also taught and accredited for becoming a Buzan coach in applications and niches according to the TBLI profile, such as Personal Strategic Alignment, thesis generation, and digital transformation.
  4. TBLIs could become content providers for the Buzan organization (paid by Buzan by project or piece of content) and participate as keynote speakers in Buzan events to become influencers in their niches.
  5. TBLIs become partners of Tony Buzan International and qualify for commissions of up to 40% of the paid prices for certifications, courses and other Buzan programs referred by the TBLI.