What outcomes will you achieve in this Online presentation conducted by professor Tony Buzan?

  • Discover the main thinking skills: understand how the brain works for developing the key competencies of the 21st century.

  • This presentation condenses decades of brain research. Transform your mindset as a true mentally-literate leader through more than 30 online chapters.

  • Discover the foundations of intelligent reading with the methodology created by Tony Buzan, which has been successfully used by many Fortune 500 companies.

  • Learn and apply the fundamental principles of Mind Mapping, the most powerful thinking tool of our times.

  • Total Value: $47 USD (instead of its normal price of $297); our special offer for you!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How we think

    • Imagination game

    • Crafting a note for presenting yourself

    • Metacognition

    • What happens to your brain when it gets boring?

    • Your prime language

    • Accessing a piece of data in your brain

    • How we think

    • How children should take notes?

  • 2

    How to Mind Map

    • How to Mind Map - part 1

    • What age are children ready for thinking logically?

    • How to Mind Map - part 2

    • Your level-one Mind Map

    • How to Mind Map - part 3

  • 3

    Mind Maps and thinking skills

    • Mind Maps and thinking skills - part one

    • Thinking skills that relate to the right side of the brain

    • Mind Maps and thinking skills - part 2

    • Brain hemispheres and skills quiz

    • Mind Maps and the synergetic effect

    • Mind Mapping - conclusion

  • 4

    Speed reading introduction

    • Speed reading introduction

    • What is reading?

  • 5

    The reading process

    • Reading definition - part 1

    • Reading definition - part 2

    • What is comprehension?

    • Reading definition - part 3

    • Reading definition exercise

    • Reading definition - conclusion

  • 6

    Speed reading

    • Speed reading - part 1

    • Speed reading - part 2

    • Speed reading - part 3

    • Speed reading - conclusion

  • 7

    Next steps

    • Your learning journey

    • Your valuable feedback

An invaluable opportunity

This was the last event where Tony gave a full presentation on two fundamental topics: Mind Mapping and Speed Reading. You now have the opportunity to participate in this life-transforming learning experience!

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For a limited time participate in this invaluable presentation, at a very special price, conducted by the late Tony Buzan! Normal price: $297.00. Your special price: $47.00

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Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan was the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity, and innovation. He was named as one of the world’s top 5 speakers by Forbes magazine. Through over 40 years of research into the workings of the brain, Tony Buzan dedicated his life to developing and refining techniques to help individuals think better and more creatively, and reach their full potential. He awakened the brains of millions worldwide and launched the Mental Literacy Revolution, now led by the Tony Buzan Group.