Creativity: a crucial skill in the 21st century

  • A crucial skill for leaders

    Creativity is one of the three most important skills for the 2020 worker according to the World Economic Forum

  • How we use creativity?

    However, only 2% of people use divergent creativity as suggested by the study conducted by the NASA

  • Are we hopeless?

    The good news is that when you use your natural brain superpowers, you'll produce boundaryless creativity

TBLI in Creativity

You’ll become a Tony Buzan licensed instructor (TBLI) in creativity by attending the two-day specialization course. You’ll also attain a senior (1 specialization) or master (2 specializations) Buzan trainer status.

The program provides the tools and processes so you could teach your customers (or internal peers) the science and practice of creativity for generating and implementing fresh, innovative ideas that impact the organization’s key performance indicators.

You’ll learn and practice a world class process (FISHER ®) that combines the latest neuroscience research with the most effective innovation paradigms. It uses Mind Mapping as the core meta-tool for unleashing the creative potential of people and organizations.

You’ll leverage the fact that creativity is a crucial skill according to the World Economic Forum research, but one that is poorly deployed as suggested by the long-term creativity research led by Ken Robinson: only 2% of adults use creativity in an effective way.

Course curriculum for the onboarding program

    1. Intro to the certification process

    1. Mind Maps explained by their creator

    2. Why did Tony Buzan invent Mind Maps?

    3. Mind Mapping benefits

    4. Module assignment

    1. Understanding the Mind Map Laws

    2. One word per branch quiz

    3. Module assignment

    1. iMindMap Ultimate V11 intro

    2. iMindMap 11 - Getting started

    3. iMindMap 11 - The Mind Map View

    4. iMIndMap 11: The BrainBlooming view

    5. iMIndMap 11: The Time Map View

    6. iMIndMap 11: The split-screen view

    7. Module assignment

    1. What is a MindMap - assignment intro

    2. What is a Mind Map? Version 1

    3. What is a Mind Map? Version 2

    4. What is a Mind Map? Version 3

    5. What is a Mind Map? Version 4

    6. What is a Mind Map - upload your assignment

    1. Intro to the creativity certification

    2. The FISHER process at a glance

About this course

  • $3,230.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Program investment

Become a TBLI in Creativity

Combine Mind Mapping with cutting edge innovation processes for providing significant value to your customers.

Customer feedback

“The TBLI in creativity is a fascinating program that equips you with state-of-the-art processes that enable creativity with a "big C". I recommend this program to any trainer willing to provide significant value to his/her customers.”