Becoming a World Class Trainer

  • Knowing

    You're going to learn Mind Maps at an advanced level as well as how to guide customers in using this powerful technique by attending both the onboarding and in-person (3 days) programs.

  • Doing

    You'll practice Mind Mapping and its key applications such as knowledge acquisition, creativity and project management and will create the habits and routines on your way to becoming a World Class trainer.

  • Being

    You'll become a World Class trainer supported by 12 months of guidance and mentorship by Tony Buzan and a handful of experts. You'll also be guided into positioning and selling your Buzan courses through a 12-week bootcamp.

Certification process

The Tony Buzan Licensed instructor (TBLI) in Mind Mapping is our flagship program.

The certification process comprises 3 phases. At the end of the second phase you'll become a licensed instructor and will join the Buzan Global Instructors Network. Throughout the third phase, Tony Buzan and his faculty of experts will guide and mentor you for becoming a World Class instructor.

The first stage, the onboarding process, is implemented through this Learning Management Platform. You'll learn the Mind Mapping fundamentals so when you arrive to the in-person training, you'll be able to go in-depth into the Mind Mapping laws, syntax and applications, and learn / cross-fertilize best practices with your peers and professors.

During the "after" stage you'll attend a 12-week bootcamp focused on guiding you on how to position and sell your services (Mind Mapping courses and consulting services).

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor program

    2. Certification process

    1. Mind Maps explained by their creator

    2. Why did Tony Buzan invent Mind Maps?

    3. Mind Mapping benefits

    4. Module assignment

    1. Understanding the Mind Map Laws

    2. One word per branch quiz

    3. Module assignment

    1. iMindMap Ultimate 11 introduction

    2. iMindMap 11 - Getting started

    3. iMindMap 11 - The Mind Map view

    4. iMindMap 11 - The Brain Blooming view

    5. iMindMap 11 - the Time Map view

    6. iMindMap 11 - The split screen functionality

    7. Module assignment

    8. Software platforms for Mind Mapping

    1. What's a Mind Map? Assignment explanation

    2. What is a Mind Map? Version 1

    3. What is a Mind Map? Version 2

    4. What is a Mind Map? Version 3

    5. What is a Mind Map? Version 4

    6. What is a Mind Map? - Upload your assignment

    1. Session 1

    2. Session 2

    3. Session 3

About this course

  • $2,990.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor Program

Transform into a World Class trainer

Join this exclusive certification program and become accredited in the most powerful thinking technique, which is used by more than 250 million people and more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Program professor

Dr. Castaneda is the CEO of Tony Buzan International Ltd. He is the number one expert in Mind Mapping, following the steps of the late Tony Buzan. Dr. Castaneda invented both the Root Cause Systemic Mapping methodology for problem-solving and the FISHER model for applied creativity, which have been widely used in both private corporations and government institutions. He is the author of the Mind Mapping Techniques and Applications (2008) and Mind Mapping in Business Administration (2010) textbooks, and co-author (along with Tony Buzan) of The Most Important Graph in the World book (2012). He is also the author of the Multiple Intelligences (2008) and Recall Curves (2007) seminal research.

Jorge Castaneda. PhD

GrandMaster Instructor